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The history of Galinha Pintadinha

Author : Alex Date : 5/12/2013 4:12:41 AM

On December 28, 2006, Juliano Prado and Mark Luporini posted a video on Youtube called child "Galinha Pintadinha". This was the solution to display video in a meeting of producers in which they could not be present.

Six months later, surprise: the video had turned a hit and has surpassed the milestone of 500,000 views, a significant number for the time

Spurred by the success, the video "Galinha Pintadinha" has turned into a project that has as main objective the promotion of recovery and Brazilian popular children's songs. Through the production, recording and distribution of DVDs, animations 2D children's characters accompany the themes of the songs follow a storyline mounted with visual entertainment and educational elements for child audience.

After that, what happened is a story that is already registered in numbers and partnerships: more than 1 million DVDs sold officers, three platinum albums, more than 500 million views on Youtube and contracts with large companies of artistic production, distribution and product licensing.

Despite being aimed at the children's segment, focusing on children from birth to six years, the project "Galinha Pintadinha" unites generations and with its modern dress for the traditional Brazilian culture, places to dance in the same room Grandma and her grandchildren, always under the gaze of loving parents.

The result of all this? One of the strongest brands along to children in the first age, with approval by children and parents.

Search the Internet, look on Youtube, ask the stores and find out what child is this true phenomenon capable.